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This post is to help you know the procedures on how to transfer your Pag-ibig contributions from your previous employer.

Last 2009, I had a privilege to file a calamity loan because of the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy though, fortunately, me and my family was spared from this disastrous event. It was my first time to file a loan with Pag-ibig. When my current employer gave me my Employee Contribution printout, it stated that my first contribution was of 2007 in which I was already working since 2002. I was informed that I should update or request Pag-ibig to transfer my contributions from my previous employers. Sad to say that I was not able to do that but I still got a loan from Pag-ibig. It was recently (2011) that I decided to work on it.

1.)      I went to Pag-ibig Buendia office, near corner Ayala (RCBC building) and Buendia. I did not bring any documents with me coz I do not have any idea at all. I’ve search the web and unfortunately no info found (that’s why I’m making this blog for others to know :-D). I asked the guard on duty where to apply the transfer of records and asked me the location of the current employer’s address (Pasong Tamo, Makati) and he directed me to the 5th flr.

2.)      Upon reaching the 5th Flr. I saw many busy counters. Just to make sure, I asked the guard on duty on that floor what counter should I go for Transfer of Records and it’s in Counter No. 1.

3.)      At Counter No. 1, the personnel handed me the RTMRLD form (Request for Transfer of Member’s Records and Loan Details) to fill-up. As I was about to finish it, I remember that I was being transferred to 3 different companies though same employer. Meaning, my (previous) company has other businesses name and my records transferred 3 times during my 6 years in the company. I know that they do these because of tax issues. So just to make sure what company are those and inclusive dates, I left the building and decided to look at it through my SSS account online.

4.)      I decided to check the SSS online since my employment history was also posted there. I was able to get the info that I needed though no address info. The next day I went back to Pag-ibig office.

5.)      Having my form filed up, I submitted it to the assigned personnel and waited for my turn. I saw a man asked for a contribution printout request form and I decided to get one also and the rest of the people in that queue since I was already there and want to know the details of it. When it is my turn, another issue came. My marital status is not yet updated. My maiden name was still listed on the record and not my married surname, thus transfer cannot be made. The Pag-ibig personnel told me to furnish three copies of my marriage certificate (I assume three copies because I had three employers then). Then he gave me my contribution and member’s contribution verification printout to which my amazement, the details of my previous employers were there (company name, address and inclusive dates plus the total amount of contribution made). Since I don’t have a copy of my marriage contract with me, I left.

6.)      The next day, I have my form and photocopies of my marriage certificate. I presented this again to the Pag-ibig personnel (I wonder why there are different assigned counter personnel from the three days I was there). He asked me if I use my current surname and I informed him that it was still under my maiden name and that I’ve attached my marriage contract on the form.  Upon checking, he gave me another RTMRLD form that is the same RTMRLD form I previously received but this time, it was printed on a long bond paper. Without asking, I filled it up again, gave it to the counter personnel and he gave me a small piece of paper as an Acknowledgement Receipt and instructed me to make a follow-up after three weeks. The end.

Some important advice:

1.)      Don’t afraid to ask. People in Pag-ibig especially the guards are accommodating and ready to assist you. Asked the guard on duty beside the entrance first as filling depends on your current employer’s location.

2.)      It is better to secure a copy of your contributions list. In the request form, tick or check “Transfer of Records” so that your previous employer’s details are listed. You can have a copy of it after few minutes when they received your request form.

3.)     You can download the RTMRLD form from this link: 

4.)     Make sure to make an update of your records once you change job or employer. I assume that time that my company will do the update for me such as my marital status etc. You have to file it all by yourself.

4.)      For women, make sure to bring a copy of your marriage certificate, in case they might need it.

5.)      Filling for transfer can be done in one day as long as you have your employer’s info and documents with you. Though it took me three days, I didn’t have a hard time as there are no long queues or line. They still accept and entertain inquiries even on a lunch break. Now, that’s what you called “Filipino Service.”


Comments on: "Pag-ibig: Employee’s Transfer of Records" (18)

  1. Brixter said:

    Thanks for the info! I’ve gone through 4 companies and I haven’t consolidated my pag-ibig contributions until now.

  2. Erbelle Layson Libarios said:

    Now, im also processing transfering my records from my previous employer ( makati branch) to pasay branch thru my present employeer now. I don’t know how long it takes to transfer my records, because im not allowed to file a loan if my records are not yet consolidate to my new branch, i’m filing a salary loan now due to emergency purposes.that’s why i want to know how long. so that i know when they can process my loan.. i really need it

    • Hi Erbelle,

      When I was in their Makati branch, the personnel told me that it will take 3 weeks for them to update the records. They give me a small piece of paper indicating the date when can I come back to check if my records are now updated. I wasn’t able to monitor that three-week period but after (I think) 1 month and a half when I checked, its now updated. Too bad that a loan can be granted if your records are updated. Hope this helps.

  3. Thank’s for this blog.. you’re an angel

  4. thank so much for the info! it really helps allot!

  5. thanks for this blog, nangangarag then ako kasi first time ko mag loan, and i’ve been to 4 companies already though they are within the same city, the last 3 companies submitted my pag-ibig contributions in Manila… haysss, sana madaling maconsolidate

  6. good day,
    i am sergio misa of cebu city, i am requesting my records from my employer north sea marine in manila, i am asking for what date my request to be transfer in cebu because i want to apply loan for voluntary, i ask my request last october 19,20011.


    • Hi Sergio,

      Based from my understanding, it should be your present employer who should update your Pag-ibig records. You need to fill-up a form (Request for transfer of member’s records and loan details) and state all your previous company and inclusive dates (date of employment). Since you’ve requested last October 19, 2011, you need to make sure if the company also submit this on that same day at the Pag-ibig office. It could be days after. You should verify it with them to be sure. Wait until a month (after submission to Pag-ibig) or more and check your records again at the Pag-ibig office if your records have been updated. I cannot mention the exact days when will your records be updated. It will all depends on the backlog on your Pag-ibig branch.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Hi! thank you for writing about this. I’ve been from 6 companies before (laguna, manila, alabang, cavite) and i also want to consolidate my contributions, saan branch ako pwedeng magpaconsolidate ng contributions? since nandito ako sa laguna pwede bang dito na lang? pero ang last employer ko is in manila..3yrs na akong hindi nagwowork at hindi ko na na-update contributions ko.

    May form ba pag nagrequest ng list of contribution or sasabihin mo na lang na you need one?

    Thank you so much! God bless you!


    • Hi Marvin,

      Thank you for reading my blog. Regarding your inquiry, you may consolidate your records to any pag-ibig branches. Make sure you know all the names of your employers and their office address as you will fill-up a request form. If you happen to ask for your contributions list, you can only see your last employer’s contributions. Unlike with SSS, even if you have multiple employers, your contibutions list is still updated. You may ask the Pag-ibig officer to give you the form (i forgot the name of the form) which would consolidate all your contributions from your first employer up to the present.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you.

  8. hi..ask ko lng..i lost my marriage contract..can i just bring my sss id? updated na yung sss q..hassle na kc kung punta pa aq ng nso ..

  9. sayforever said:

    Hi and Good day!…Nice and informative post. Anyway, nais ko sanang magtanong kung paano pumunta sa PAG-IBIG Buendia Office. I’ve worked at Mckinley Hills but I live at San Pedro, Laguna so hindi talaga ako familiar sa routes kahit nababa ako sa Ayala(yung sa
    may Caltex, near the jeepney line na papunta ng Market-Market). I was hoping you could help me with this.Thanks and more power!

  10. hi i’m vanessa from cebu.. kailangan ba talaga nang marriage contract from nso or ok lang yong marriage contract from the church?? kasi may contribution po ako from my previous employer single pa ako noon then now that i’m married na po gumawa ako nang online registration na using my married name.. pwede po ba yon e merge ko yung contribution ko?? paano po?

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. Regarding your inquiry, yes you need to have a copy of your marriage contract from NSO, not from the church and need to update your status before you consolidate your contributions from your previous employer/s while you were single. Please visit your pag-ibig branch near you and ask for updating of (personal) records. You may also ask an ESAV copy (your contributions) by your maiden name just for reference.

      Hope this helps.

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